Project 52 - Week of 3/14/11

While at the craft store getting all sorts of goodies for my upcoming projects, my kids spotted these birdhouses and wanted to paint them.  They each got to pick one and we bought some acrylic paint.  Yesterday, 3/18/11 it reached 80 degrees here in Pennsylvania, so it was the perfect day to be outdoors.  We spent five hours straight outside...did you know it's possible to get a sunburn in March in PA???  It's true, take my word for it!  :-)  Anyhoo, it was a great day to craft.  So, while I was spray-painting my new vintage chair for the front porch, my kiddos were playing Picasso with these little houses.  About an hour later, I had two beautifully painted children....and these beauties!  I absolutely LOVE them!!!!

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Holly Lefevre said...

This made me smile...I have many birdhouses, sign, boxes - you name it that look so similar, all with the artist unique touch. I am a new follower.
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