Project 52 - Week of 3/21/11

My favorite pic of this week was EASY!  I snapped these photos of my daughter, because she is my official guinnea pig when I want to "practice" with my camera.  I have a hold on outdoor shots using natural light, but I admit, when I bring the camera indoors with artificial lighting (and believe me, on my budget, this is not the best artificial lighting) I struggle with the right exposure.  Soooo, I bribed her with a popsicle (she's on a popsicle kick right now, regardless of the 30 degree spring temps) and she posed for a few close ups. 

I LOVE the way they turned out.  I have three faves.  The first is the one I will pick for Project 52 this week.  The second two, I just had to include because it was difficult to pick.  As my mom said, "she looks angelic in these photos, but we all know better."  Haha, my sassy girl!  She can turn it on and off in a matter of seconds.

I love my sassy girl!

And, the runners-up...


Lynne said...

She is just the sweetest! Love her new pink wreath above too. Love my boys but have some pink in my life. Laura @ Ric Rac Rabbit

Unknown said...

Thanks, Laura! With pink comes drama! :-)