Somebody got an Early Birthday Gift!!

My parents came over for a visit on Friday evening and I casually mentioned that I was on the lookout for a cloche...OK, maybe it wasn't so casual as it was deliberate and desperate.  :-P  I have been seeing these cloches ALL OVER the blogging world and I NEEDED one!  I was actually just throwing it out there to my mom in case she happened upon one. 

Well, don't you know it, she found one the next day and today, after our weekly Zumba date (yet another of my obsessions) she gave me an early birthday present!

Ain't she purty?

Moms are the best!  And, I have a pretty spectacular one! :-)

Happy Sunday all!


Unknown said...

Ohhh, pretty one! I like it! Good job, Mama!!

Kim said...

Aren't Moms the best!! I love it .... very pretty!!

Nonni said...

Fantastic. Love it! Happy cloche-ing:-)