My New Backdrop and Floordrop...LOVE

Recently, I have fallen in love (and perhaps started an infatuation) with the vintage look in photographs.  I have always been very drawn to old photos and with my recent purchase of Photoshop CS5, I have been playing around with creating different vintage looks in post-processing.  I bought the backdrop and floordop below for photo sessions (I must admit, I had my little Avery's upcoming newborn picks in mind when I purchased).  It is very vintage and will allow me to play even more with my new obsession.  I got these yesterday in the mail and couldn't wait to try them, I begged my model to pose for a few pics and she did (without putting up TOO much of a fight).


Kim said...

Oh so cute...she is a doll!! Love the backdrop/ neat!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kim! :-)