Cool or Weird?? Either way, it's free art!

Art is subjective, we all know, this piece of art will be no different.  Some of you will look at it and say, "WTH?"  And, I am hoping there will be others that will say something along the lines of, "Nice's colorful and funky."

Today, I decided I was an artist.  This piece was hanging in my great room for years...formerly known as this, my $7.99 purchase from KMart.
It was OK, but I was over it.  We recently painted the whole great room and I used it as a chance to do some things differently.  So, since this was only $7.99 to start, I decided I would go all "creative" on this!  I first painted the inner part with two coats of white.  Then it sat in my garage for about two months...until today!

I started by just throwing on some paint willy-nilly...I am not going to lie to you, I had absolutely NO idea where I was going with this!
I didn't like the direction this was going, so I resorted to something that I saw on the HGTV show Color Splash...have you seen it, with that cutie pie David Bromstad?  Just love his design and he's such a talented artist.  Anyway, I have seen him paint and then use a spray bottle many times on the show.  I don't know exactly what's in the bottle, but I decided my liquid of choice would be good old H2O.  I figured I couldn't get into too much trouble with that. :)  So, I got started, painted and sprayed, painted and sprayed...
Until I had something...I think it resembles a woman.  Can you see it?
Now, to convince my husband that we should hang this in our great room!  Like I said...subjective. :)

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Billie's Scrappetique said...

Yes, David Bromstad is definitely a cutie pie!! Nice artwork too. Kind of looks like a broad-shouldered man. Art is viewed by everyone differently, ya know? ;-)