Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall...

OK, so I used "Autumn" instead, but I love that song, just the same! :)

I bought this old tool box at a local thrift/antique store for $4!!

I saw another one, the same size for much more money, the only difference was that it was painted I did the only logical thing and bought the $4 one and painted myself...Done!

My idea for this was to use it as decoration/a place to stash the bills (the piled up paperwork in our kitchen drives us, my hubby in particular, NUTS).  So, I thought of a cute idea that would allow me to change it up season by season.

I had this old trashcan that I was going to just toss, until my bff told me I was crazy and should use it for other things.  Thank goodness for her voice of reason.  I think it was just one of those days I was tired of looking at the clutter in the garage.  Anyway, I kept glad I did, because I not only used it for this project, but another one, too.  :)
I used that top piece (all four as a matter of fact)...four pieces, four seasons...getting it yet?

I primed all of them.
Then gave each one a unique color and painted the seasons on them, freehand.  Yes, they would have looked much nicer with some vinyl, but I didn't want to bug my friend yet again to use her cricut.  Gotta get me one of those!  I do kind of like them, though.  I weathered them by scratching them up with some sandpaper and then gave them a coat of polyurethane.
I thought they needed something else...can anyone guess??  Aaah, yes, rosettes, of course!
I managed to find some fabric sround the house for Winter, Summer and Autumn, but I am going to have to go out to get something for Spring.  That trashcan was so cheap and flimsy, so the pieces are nice and lightweight.  All I have to use is some sticky tac and they stay on the box quite nicely.  I can change them out and change what I put in the box each season.  Love it...and for $4!  Oh my! :)


Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

How cute! I would love it if you linked up to my Tuesday Confessional link party going on now. There is also an awesome giveaway to go with the party, so you should check it out.
I hope to see you soon!

Jenn said...

I love love love this idea. I am all for making things that look awesome (like this) total simple (like this!) very very cute.