The Journey: Being Selfish

I have heard it SO many times..."You have to take care of you in order to be a better mom to them."  And I would nod my head and say, "I know, I know." But, truth be just can't do that in the first six months of a baby's life.  Unless you happen to have a non-colicky, sleep-through-the-night, nothing phases me at all kind of child.  Then, maybe you can start before the 6 month point.  But, for me, this 6 month milestone marks a time where I can actually spring into action instead of just nodding.

I actually thought I would wait until Avery was a year old to take her into the gym.  I didn't want her catching anything or getting hurt.  You know, all of those paranoid mom thoughts were running through my over-imaginative brain.  

Then, last week, as I had just gotten out of the shower and put my second outfit of the day on, only to get spit up on again (consequently leading me to my third outfit) and Emma was screaming, "Max, you are the WORST big brother ever," because he wouldn't play house with her anymore, and Max was running around acting like he was in a Pokemon episode making the noise of something I am convinced only another six year old boy would understand, I realized that I had HAD it!  Mama needs some alone time to clear her head on a regular basis...

I have been going to the gym, but I have been going to the gym that is right down the street from my house because it's $10/month...but no childcare.  Which means, I have to work around my husband's crazy work schedule to fit any workouts in.  It's OK for occasional times when he's home and I need to get something in quick, but I need something more scheduled.  I work well on schedules.

This is when it dawned on me that I should get my butt back to the gym that I used to teach Zumba at twice a week, a great gym with great childcare.  WHY was I not doing this for myself?  

I had some trepidation, believe me..."how will Avery do, will she cry when I leave, will they be able to pay adequate attention to her needs." OY...I really need to worry a LOT less.  Turns out she was absolutely fine...she was with her brother and sister and four (yes, four) other children.  

Best part, I was able to clear my head while I ran/walked a 5K in 38 minutes.  Not a great time, I know, but I'll get there.  I didn't collapse, so I was happy!  I haven't done a full 5K since I ran an organized one in October of 2010.  The Warrior Dash is in two months.  I'll get there.  

I plan to go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday mornings as a regimen from here on out.  And, if I can get any other workouts in during the week, that will be a bonus.  As long as the kids are doing fine, I can get a one hour workout in and we are all better off because of this.  I gotta tell you, I am a much more patient mommy when I can get these workouts in.  :-)

This realization that I need to be a little selfish to be better all around is a small victory in my journey and I had to share!

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