Big RED Piano

This post will be plain and simple...because it really was SIMPLE!  So much easier than I anticipated.  I, like you, I am sure have seen SO many beautifully painted pianos recently.  When a friend of mine was getting rid of hers, I offered $100 and we hauled it home.  It definitely needed a makeover, as you can see!

I found the perfect color, Sundried Cherry from Benjamin Moore.  I used a tinted primer, then painted three coats in a Satin finish and I think it was the perfect choice.  Not too shiny, but I didn't want to have to use a polyurethane. 

We decided to leave the area where the piano maker marked it alone.  So, to tie everything together, I left the stool legs unfinished and used a chocolate brown paint to paint the stencils on the doors. 

Seriously, I am in LOOOOOVE with our red piano!

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