Valentine's Day Printable

It is yet another snow day here in central Pennsylvania! The kids are loving it, of course.  I am sure they will be complaining when the middle of June hits and they are still schlepping to the bus stop, but for now they are on cloud nine!  I, on the other hand, am experiencing the winter blues.  Yes, the snow is pretty when it first falls from the sky, blanketing everything in a crisp white wonderland...but, it doesn't take long to get old.  Real old.  The shoveling, the slipping, the dirty snow, the salt stains on the cars.  It's doesn't stay pretty long, and in fact, just becomes one big annoyance!  Ok, I know I'm whining, and it is unbecoming...but, seriously, I have never been more anxious for Spring.

So, on this snow day, we are working on the kids' valentines.  I created them in Photoshop and had them printed inexpensively (like, $7.49 for 50) at Vistaprint.  I wanted to do something other than chocolate or lollipops this year.  I am attaching the .jpg if you would like to use it...

I got those fun fonts free from Dafont.  

And, you guessed it...I added a valentine pencil.  I bought 3 dozen from Amazon (link at the bottom of page).

So easy and cute!  And, it kept us busy for about 45, what will we do the rest of this snow day? 

Stay warm my friends!  :-)

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