So, as the weathermen predicted (and, we all know how inaccurate they can be sometimes), Thursday and Friday (2/17 and 2/18) brought southcentral PA a welcomed Indian Summer (ok, maybe Indian Spring, but we'll take it)!  On Thursday, we decided to get the heck out of the house...we opened all of the windows and hoped that the outdoors would suck all of the winter funk out of our home and headed to the playground.  And, man, was it FABULOUS!!

Friday was an exact replica of Thursday and the end of the beautiful day culminated in a Daddy/Daughter Dance held by the Community Recreation Board here.  It is such a sweet idea.  We have friends that have gone in the past and raved about it, so I figured this year, Emma was at the age where she could really enjoy it.  So, we got her all dolled up and ready to go and when Daddy got home from work, he gave her a corsage and escorted her to dinner and the dance with two other Daddy/Daughter couples/friends.  They danced, did the limbo, funky chicken and hokey pokey and she had an all around BLAST!

Ready to go and waiting patiently for her handsome date...

A closeup of the "do," just because we tried so many things with her hair and this is the simple one we settled on...

He's here!  Off they went to dance the night away...:-)

And, off I go to Zumba, yet another of my obsessions...I taught for a little over a year and have never been in better shape.  I gave up teaching when I decided to pursue photography, but I still try to go (preggers) as much as I can.  Sunday is my "Mom and me" zumba time, so I try to never miss it! 

Happy Sunday and hope you have a fantastic week!

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