Warmin' up on V-Day!

Let me start by saying that I am one of those people that think Valentine's Day is overrated...I love my wonderful husband and beautiful kiddos, don't get me wrong, I just don't think that we need to buy $6 cards and a dozen roses to prove that love for each other.  I tell my husband every year, DO NOT get me flowers...they will look pretty and smell wonderful for a few days at best.  Now, this year, being preggo, I didn't refuse chocolate, as I usually do.  All of this being said, I do like a good holiday to take the time to do something special and out of the ordinary for the kids.  My wonderful friend, Natalie from http://aturtleslifeforme.blogspot.com/  (go check out her blog), inspires me to do these things and get crafty, think out of the box.  So, Valentine's Day morning, I made the kids heart-shaped pancakes, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  And, then for lunch, I came up with this concoction...pretty cute, I think. 

We had stuffed peppers for dinner...just plain ol' stuffed peppers.  Sorry for the big build up!  :-)

To make the day one to remember, Mother Nature opened up and said "I Love You" with blue skies and 54 degree temps!  I could hardly believe it, in Valentine's day...in PA!  So, the kids and I headed outside, for an hour anyway, because the winds kicked up and it was just plain annoying.  But, tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to reach 50s and Friday....oh, Friday...65 degrees!  We may just make it to the park that day, look for pictures! 

Even Sooner (hubby's an Oklahoma football fan, I got to pick the dog, he got to name the dog), our soon-to-be eight year old Golden Retriever enjoyed the outdoors.  He is terribly afraid of high winds, so he stuck close to me the whole time, but I think he was happy to be in the fresh air anyway.

I am taking an online course for digital photography and one of the projects is to take some photos at different shutter speeds...these were taken at a 1/8 shutter speed...very slow, hence the blurring effect.  Trying to perfect it, but like the way these turned out...

I hope to take more outdoor pics with these nice days coming up!  And, as I am desperately trying to be a better, more interesting blogger, I should have more blogs coming soon.  

And, so that you know, my husband and I ARE "celebrating" Valentine's Day tonight, February 15th, at Fiesta Mexico for two reasons...

1) I am preggers and craving mexican cuisine (most important reason)

2) We have a $50 gift card for Fiesta Mexico (almost as important)

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone!


Natalie said...

Thanks for the love!! I am SO jealous about Fiesta Mexico!! And don't even let Tom know, or he might try to sneak in your back seat!! He's been asking me to go for a couple years now and we can never seem to make it happen! Enjoy!

Bliss Images said...

You must go! I say we plan a double date soon to Fiesta Mexico...best mexican around!