Blue, Blue Nightstand

I have been away from the blog for a few weeks...things have been crazy around here!  One great piece of news we received was that we are having a GIRL in September!  :-)  This is wonderful, but also stressful, as this means the most work for us to prepare, including switching out the kids' rooms, as my son now has the largest room and my daughter, the smallest.  Being that the girls will be sharing, we need to give them the bigger room.  So, let the painting begin!! 

A little project that I will be adding to my son's new room is this nightstand.  I bought it off of Craig's List for $15...pretty standard wood with brass pulls. 

 I, with the "help" of my five year old son, have decided on a color scheme of three blue walls and one tan wall in his new room.  His bed and nightstand will go on the tan wall, so I thought that I would paint the nightstand in the blue color.

I used one coat of primer and two coats of blue.  Then, spray painted the drawer pulls with a dark brown paint.  I decided I wanted to dress it up a little more, so I created a grid with the painters tape (I love Froggers tape, btw).  Then, I used a tan paint and watered it down for a wash and painted the diamond pattern.

Once I removed the tape, I lightly sanded the top...basically just because I liked the way it looked.  :-)  Then, two coats of satin polyurethane and voila!  A cute, $15 nightstand for my son's new room.  I promise to put a better picture of the finished product up on here when I get it into the new room, but for now, here it is!
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Nicole@Thrifty Decorating said...

Wow! I love what you did to the top of that! So unique and pretty!! Thanks so much for linking! :)

very merry vintage style said...

Very nice! Love the pattern on the top--really unique. Congratulations! Thanks so much for linking to STL Wednesday!

Unknown said...

I saw this in your garage and was wondering what you were up to! Love it! The top is great but I'm loving those drawer pulls! Glad to "see" you back here!

Unknown said...

Thanks! Need to get back to it...big things happening in 18 or so weeks! :-)

A Few Pennies said...

That is so pretty! I'm lovin' that color too! Patty

HoneySage said...

I like the dark pulls against the blue.

Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful and love the top finish!
be a s weetie,
Shelia ;)

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

I have the same my "wheels are turning" the design on the top...really makes it unique = well done!!