Feminizing Frames

First, I really hope that's how you spell feminizing (?).  :-)  I bought these frames at Christmas Tree Shops for $2!!  YeeHA!  Wanted some plain white frames for my daughter (soon to be daughters) new room.  She already had a green gingham lamp shade, and I spotted a green gingham table cloth at CTS for $1, so I snatched that bad boy up, too!  Rosette time, baby! 

What started very simple and plain, turned out very feminine and interesting.  My plan is to have one frame for my four year old daughter and one for my daughter-to-be.  Once she gets here and I can snap millions of pictures of her, she will grace one of these lovelies, too.  Two $3 frames that will look adorable in the new shared room (ahem, when it's complete). 
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Unknown said...

awww, you still have the picture I painted! Love the frames! I need to make some more rosettes but just haven't found the time! You are on a roll, girl!

Suze said...

Those frame looks adorable!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you! @ Nat, of course I do...was actually going to see if you'd make one for Avery, if you can find the time in your crazy schedule! :-)

Sweet Floweret said...

What a great idea for frames!
I am starting my own linky party this Tuesday! It's the first one. I would love it if you would participate! It's called $10 Tuesdays and it's for things that cost less than $10 and take 20-30 mins (ish) to complete. I love inexpensive and quick projects and I'm guessing others will too ;) Thanks so much for considering.
Tina Watschke

Unknown said...

I'll be there! :-) Great idea, btw! I love quick, easy and cheap!

Jill said...

Thanks for stopping by 'Just Dream, Jelly Bean!' and your sweet comment! I'm following you back and love your blog...I've been scrolling down at all your posts and love what you've done! Very inspiring :)
much love
~ Jill

La-Dee-da crafter said...

I love these and what an impact they made. I love the flowers and think you did a FAB job!!
I am following you now.