Master Bedroom Makeover - A Retreat in the Making...

I have decided that my winter project will be our Master Bedroom!  This will be a slow process...I will have to do small projects here and there, interspersed throughout hubby's crazy work schedule, school, gymnastics, dance, basketball and diaper changes and feedings!  BUT, I will work diligently to complete this project by springtime (and will chronicle my progress here).

I can do this...I CAN do this!  :-)

I love change, too much so if you ask my hubby.  It's been close to six years now that we have had the same colors, decor, configuration in this bedroom and I am decidedly getting bored.

Sage green walls...HAD to have them.  While I do like the bedding, it won't go with my new color scheme, so I will be storing it...because I just might get bored again.  The furniture is very traditional and if I had unlimited funds, I would definitely be upgrading, but alas, it needs to stay.  No worries, I can work with it!

This wall will be the future accent a shade of yellow, with a gray damask stencil overlay.  The other walls will all be a shade of gray.  Bright white trim and crown molding will finish it off.

The color inspiration...

The bedding will be simple, probably a white down comforter with fun accent pillows and I hope to find a yellow throw for the foot of the bed.

Bathroom on the left, closet on the right...the bathroom will be getting a MUCH needed makeover, too!

I started on some of my accessories, including this wall art.  These were made from digital scrapbook paper and Photoshop.  Our initials...I have the perfect frames for them, too!

And, I ordered this adorable piece from Etsy, except I ordered a gray background, white tree and yellow birds.  I just love it.  :-)

I am going to be tracking the progress of the room as I move forward...I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Jennifer said...

It's going to be great! I love that color scheme!

Unknown said...

Hey we have (had) the same bedding and furniture! Crazy! You can go here to see mine if you want:

Happy Decorating :)