Master Bedroom Makeover - Some Goodies

I am probably doing my Master Bedroom Makeover in the reverse order most people would, but we won't be able to paint this room til February as my husband and I are both having outpatient surgeries done in January...what fun?! 

So, to keep me occupied and happy, I have been busy shopping for decor! Retail therapy anyone? I call on it often...ask the hubby! But I say if it works, don't fix it, am I right? :-)

So, here are my latest finds...

The curtains, found at Kohl's online, on sale for $22 a the simple stitching.  And, I almost fell over when my husband actually said (out loud) that he liked them! He never sees my vision in the process, but he likes my stuff when it's complete...thank goodness.  

And, my light yellow blanket found at Amazon for $24.99 for the foot of the bed.  I think it will look nice paired with the decorative pillow I made for the head.

And I can't wait to start working on the project I have in mind for these babies I picked up at Kohls for $7 a piece...

I'm off to do more shopping...have a wonderful weekend!

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