Super Simple Sweater Bangle

The project started as something different...a rosette headband made from an old sweater shrug I never wear.  Well, it turned into an epic fail!  The rosettes turned out ok, but I used too much glue in spots and because the sweater is black, it shows.  Boooo!

Anyway, here is the sweater shrug I used...
And, my fail...
At least she doesn't really care about the glue and will wear it proudly.  :-)

BUT, I didn't let it get me down!  I grabbed one of my wooden bangle bracelets and literally just cut the bottom of the sweater and wrapped it around the bracelet and glued the end.  That is IT!  I think it looks really cute.  It couldn't get much easier. 
I happen to like it plain, but I thought you could jazz it up with a flower...I bought this one a while ago and attached a pin to the back, so now it's a removable option.

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Lisa Fliehman said...

Erika, that is something!! I never thought to use a sweater to make a rosette. Your little model is adorable!! And I liked the dressed up bracelet!!