The Start of the Journey Back to Me

Let me explain...before I got pregnant with my third child, I made healthy eating and exercise a priority!  I was a Zumba Instructor and at the height of my teaching days, I was teaching 5-7 classes a week (burning at least 700 calories per class).  Bottom line, I was in shape...great shape.  I loved the way I looked, I was in a size I hadn't seen since my sophomore year in high school!

Then, I got was most definitely an "oops."  If anyone asked me if we were planning to have a third, I would say, "no, we are very happy with our family of four and I didn't work this hard to get where I am just to get pregnant and gain a ton of weight."  Famous last words.  Let me  paint the picture for you...

It was the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, 2010.  Both of my kids had the stomach flu, so I was knee deep in throw up and something just didn't seem right with me (I have always known early that I am pregnant).  The kicker?  My hubby was scheduled for a vasectomy in 10 days (it's a funny story now to tell, but at the time, believe me, I was doing everything but laughing).  So, that's how I found out...I peed on the stick between throw up bouts and proceeded to weep uncontrollably on the floor, then to my mom and then to my BFF.  I was a hot mess.

Fast forward to present day...I have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl (5 1/2 months old) that I cannot imagine our lives without.  It is like she has always been with us.  I would not wish my life any other way than a family of five.  I am blissfully happy...for the most part.

The fact still remains, I gained weight with this pregnancy.  Even though I remained active, walked, lifted light weights, zumba classes, etc., I still put on a significant amount, and as I have heard many times before, "the third is the hardest to come off."  Boy, they weren't kidding.  To make matters even worse, she was born in September, so I had Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years to stuff my face with delectable goodies.  

So, yesterday was Valentine's Day and it marked the day that I got back on the horse.  I decided that I truly love myself and it was time I start acting that way.  I am eating healthier and exercising more.  I plan to check in to the blog on a regular basis to keep myself in check.  I expect that I will indulge every now and then...but, I will remain on track.  

I have the Warrior Dash on May 19th and I plan to be FIERCE!  And then keep that fierceness into bathing suit season.  YIKES!  :-)

So today, my first day of blogging about this, I started out with a breakfast that I found on Pinterest (thank heavens for Pinterest, I have found so many fabulous recipes).  

This is sooooo good and keeps me full til lunch.

And, I am planning to make this for dinner tonight.


Here we go!  Time to get back into my jeans!  :-)


Kim said...

ERIKA! OMG! I'm am not even kidding you, this post could have been written by ME! Same exact boat, same exact story, just different sex baby! My husband is going to die when he reads this. It's unreal!

Kim said...

OH, and did I mention, my blog name is My Domestic Bliss? Ha! Maybe we were separated at birth or something.