What's A Journey Without A Few Bumps?

I started off with a bang and for the days that followed, I kept it up.  I was very aware of the food passing my lips. I was doing crunches and push ups with my 4 yr old (even bench pressed my five month old).  I was in the zone...then BAM!  Sinus infection from Hell invaded me and took over.  Plus, we had friends over on Friday night and went to a party on Saturday, so let's just say I had a more wine calories then I care to mention.  But, we had some fun and I am starting fresh today, feeling much better and back to calorie awareness!!   Full speed ahead!

My breakfasts have been the yummy banana/granola wraps or Kashi Go Lean Crunch with blackberries.  Lunches are usually turkey and cheese with mustard on whole wheat flatbread and veggies and dip (Knorrs dry vegetable soup mixed with light sour cream).  Our dinners have varied.  We LOVED the Tortellini and Garden Veggie Bake and tonight I made the popular Pinterest recipe, Crock Pot Chicken Tacos.  Hit it out of the ball park with this one.  My six year old had FOUR of them and my super picky four year old had TWO...I couldn't believe it.  This recipe is the easiest I have ever made and the chicken is so juicy.  If you haven't pinned it, DO IT NOW!

My goal for this week is to add this into my routine...

Ready, set, go!


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