No Stress Tooth Fairy Basket

This project came as a result of my EXTREME anxiety when it came time for me to play "Tooth Fairy."  My son recently lost his first tooth, and subsequent 2nd and 3rd teeth and has about four more that are ready to go.  The first time I had to go into his room while he was asleep my heart was beating so fast I thought that was the sound that would wake him up for sure.  But then, I stepped on a creaky spot of the floor and stopped dead in my tracks...I almost fled the scene, but I looked over and he was fast asleep.  I decided to go for it, so I crept over to the pillow, reached under, pulled out the baggy with the tooth (easier for me to find with it in a baggy) and slipped the money in.  It wasn't this easy, though, he turned in bed while I was doing this and I almost had the big one!  I managed to make it out, but it really shouldn't be this stressful!  The last time the Tooth Fairy came, Max put his tooth on his dresser and she left the money there...a little easier on the old ticker, but I was still determined to find a better way.

And my extreme anxiety led me to this...our Tooth Fairy Basket.

When I was at the thrift store the other day, I found this basket for $ was THE perfect size for a Tooth Fairy basket.

I cut out a square of my cork and a square of scrapbook paper and used rubber cement to attach them.  Then I cut out a tooth, drew a little smiley face on him and wrote "Tooth Fairy" with a sharpie.  I used two coats of Mod Podge for a protective layer, then used rubber cement to attach the cork to the basket.

For the inside, to lay the tooth on, I simply put some cotton balls in a square piece of red felt and then wrapped it up and attached the ends with a glue gun.  So now the kids have a little tooth pillow to put their tooth on.  And, this basket, my friends, will hang on the OUTSIDE of their room door, so the Tooth Fairy can simply take the tooth and leave the money for the kids to find the next day.

And, mommy will have one less thing to stress about!  :-)


Unknown said...

This is such an awesome idea! My mom woke me up one time and that's how I 'knew' about the tooth fairy.

Thanks so much for taking part in our Pin'Inspiration Party. Hope that you are having as much fun exploring as I am and that you'll take part in helping the "Beat the Winter Blues" on Saturday.

Lisa Fliehman said...

This is so cute!! I will have to make one of those when I have grandkids one day. Since my boys have lost all their teeth. I'm sure your kids are going to love it!!

Lauren said...

Seriously, this is genious! If I start this whith my daughter's first lost tooth she won't even know that the tooth fairy usually does it under the pillow. Yay!

Thanks for linking up to A Pinteresting Party! Hope to see you there again this week. :)

Kallee Anne said...

Very cute and classy

Lindsi B said...

I love this!!! I am going to try and make something similar. I'd love to have you share this with our readers for our Fun Stuff Fridays link up!

Williams said...

That is a lovely basket for the tooth fairy. My daughter is so into the "tooth fairy stage." It even came to a point where she wanted to stay up all night and wait for the tooth fairy to sneak in. Hehehe.

-Williams Schermer

jeremy said...
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jeremy said...

You got some real talent.
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