Bright and Airy

I bought this piece of furniture six years ago for $125 at a local flea market.  It is such a solid piece of furniture, I just couldn't pass up the deal.  I decided that it needed a facelift is the after.

When I bought it, I was really into black, distressed paint, so that's what I did and I have really liked it for the last six years.  I haven't touched the original hardware...toyed around with the idea of spray painting them, but I think I like the original...they are so weathered and make me think about how long this piece has been around and I like that. 

But, I was looking around the other day and really thought the great room (family and dining) could use a brightening!  So, I did it!  The day before we were leaving to go to the beach for the weekend.  I have fabulous timing and my husband thinks I am nuts (I'm starting to buy into it).  Little did I know this would take a coat of primer, THREE coats of paint and two coats of polyurethane!  OY!  Oh, and did I mention that I decided to paint the dining room table, too?  That bright idea came when I had primer left over from the buffet and didn't want it to go to waste (it was the last bit of primer we had on hand).  Anyway, fast forward a week later and I really do love the pieces.  It makes it so much brighter and airier in my home.  

Here it is during the massive undertaking...:-)

  And, here are some shots of the finished product...

And some of the table...don't worry, I will be working on white chairs and a bench to match!  :-)

See those black bookshelves in the background...wanna paint them white, too.  My TO DO list is never ending!  I know you can sympathize with me...wish there were more hours in the day!


craftyles said...

WHat a great redo. I love that you left the original hardware on. Great job!

Shyanne @SHYbyDESIGN said...

White sure does make things look fresh and "new" again. Thanks for the heads up on all the coats you had to apply. I am thinking about painting a few pieces of furniture soon.

very merry vintage style said...

Great makeover. I love white and have never regretted painting over any of my black furniture. Thanks so much for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday at Very Merry Vintage Style.