Mother's Day Photo Wood Transfer

Mother's's a tough holiday.  Let's face it.  I am a mom, I have a mom and I have a mom-in-law.  And, many, many a Mother's Day (particularly when I was a teenager) was spent driving early morning the day of, to get some flowers from the tent in front of the convenient store.  Being a mom now has definitely made me more aware of the holiday, but I have been known to, in the recent past, drive to the flower tent the day of...I'm being honest!

But, not this year, no sir!  I had a "light bulb" moment about a month ago.  It was an unseasonably warm day, so I seized it and took pics of the kids with a chalkboard and the words "We <3 you."  I have been wanting to try the wood block transfer with gel medium for a while now.  This was just perfect.

They (one for Nonni, one for Grammy) turned out great!!

BUT, not on the first try!  Here is a serious word of advice...if you are planning to do this with any kind of text, you MUST make sure the text is written/typed backwards (mirror imaged) or your text on the block will be backwards.  I ruined the first two that way...

Here is the actual picture I took.

See, backwards.  This way when you put the paper face down on the wood block, it will come out right.  I really wish someone would have told me that!  :-)

And, for the longer block, I had room to write Happy Mother's Day. (Poor baby girl got a knot of wood in her head - but, you can't win 'em all).  :-)

And, here is the one I actually printed...mirror image.

I did this in CS5, so all I did was type my text, click on the "move" tool (plain arrow on left) and click image, image rotation, flip canvas horizontally.

I found a LOT of tutorials on these wood block photo transfers, but this one by PetaPixel is by far my favorite.  And, I love the music, too! 

So, there you have it!

Now, I am just hoping my mom doesn't decide to read the blog before May 13th!  :-/

Hope everyone has a wonderful and fulfilling Mother's Day!

:-) Erika


Ashley C. said...

This is super cute and thank you for the link to the tutorial - I pinned it for a future project!

Melissa said...

I love this idea! Found you through TT&J. I'd love for you to link it up to my party:

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Oh this is adorable! I would love for you to share this at my link party open on Tuesdays over at

Carrie said...

So wonderful!! I would like to invite you to share at my link party for Mother's Day gifts at Thank you! Happy Mother's Day!!

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

WOWSERS! I am loving this to pieces. I am pinning and going to make one for my mom's birthday next month!If you have a sec this weekend, I would love for you to link up at my Get Schooled Saturday link party going on now until Monday night!
Kim @ Too Much Time On My Hands

Nonni said...

While I have always loved the Mother's Day "tent" flowers, they never brought tears to my eyes like this beautiful handmade gift! So creative and so thoughtful. Will cherish it always, just as I do you! Love you, Mom

Sarah said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know this will be featured tomorrow at

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

Love these! I pinned them for a future gift idea. I also chose them as a feature for this week's Handmade Tuesday's party. Stop by, check it out, and grab a button!

Janis@All Things Beautiful said...

Love this idea for Mother's Day! I'll have to remember it for next year. Appreciate the tip on flipping written image....I would so not of thought of that either!

Waseem said...

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