A Short Trip To The Northwest Will Bring Happiness

My husband and I just spent a long weekend in the Northwest, specifically, Maple Falls, WA.  Our friends quite literally live across the road from a Canadian resident.  That is just how north it is.  My husband's best friend lives there with his wife and two children.  The last time we were out there for a visit was for their wedding 10 years ago.  But, we have all grown very close over those 10 years, even with the long distance. 

Here we are, snowshoeing in Mt. Baker.  What a beautiful place!

Before we left for the trip, I was pretty disgusted with the extra weight I had put on over the indulgent holidays.  But, it wasn't until we got to Maple Falls that I really opened my eyes. 

You see, the wife is a doctor and an all around fitness/health nut.  She is also one of the MOST generous, caring, kind people I have ever met.  So, I count myself very lucky to not only call her a friend, but to have spent so much time with her.  She schooled me about my health and fitness and overall well being. 

Saturday morning went like this...

Me: "What is that in your eggs?"

Wife: "Kale"

Me: "Really? I obviously need more help than I thought."

And, I got it.  She introduced me to the My Fitness Pal app.  This app is SO GREAT!  It looked intimidating at first, but once you take a little tour through it, it's very simple to log.  And, that is the biggest benefit by far since I started using it this past Tuesday when we returned.  Logging every single calorie I put into my body has helped hold me accountable and helped me slim down my portions.  What an eye opener that was...I was eating at least double the portion I should have.  It also has a place to log your daily exercise. 

I have a goal of 1700 calories a day...more allocated if I exercise.  So far, at the end of every day, I have calories left over.  Here is an example of a day for me.

Breakfast 356 cal

Egg Substitute 1/2 cup
Raw Kale
1 tbsp ketchup
Coffee with Sugar and fat free creamer
Medium banana
1 tbsp peanut butter

Lunch 335 cal
Chicken breast - Oscar Mayer 2 oz
2 pickles
Almond Nut Thins - 24 crackers
Garlic Lovers Hummus - 4 tbsp

Dinner 420 cal
Lean Italian Turkey Sausage - 1 link
Barilla Gluten Free Pasta - 2 oz
Tomato Basil sauce - 1/2 cup

Snacks 480 cal
Protein shake (mixed berries, 1 1/2 scoops vanilla whey protein, water)
Granny Smith apple large
String Cheese
Almond Nut Thins - 16 crackers

Cardio Exercise +514 cal
Calisthenics - 45 minutes

So for the day, I had net calories 1,076 with 644 remaining. I eat breakfast first thing, then a snack mid morning, lunch about 12:30 pm, a snack about 3:30 pm, dinner about 6 pm and a snack about 7:30 pm.  I am not left feeling hungry throughout the day. The hardest thing for me is being prepared. 

I have lost TWO LBS since Tuesday, so I am jumping for joy!  I hope I keep this momentum going.  I feel excellent, better than I have in months. 

And, this happens to be the fortune I received on Saturday during our visit...crazy, huh?  And the truth! 

Do yourself a favor and check out My Fitness Pal! Here's to a happy and healthy weekend, all!  :)


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