Your Hair is Your Best Accessory

Hair!  GAH!  Stupid, stupid HAIR!  Can I tell you how much I love other people's hair?  I love her hair...

And hers...

I even love hers...

What in the HECK am I to do with my hair?  

This choice has been plaguing me for my entire life...all the way back to the "Should I get a perm?" days.  Which, by the way, was always a bad idea. That answer should have been no.  Every time!

Let me tell you, I have had all the styles...yes, the perm, the crimp, the bob, the shag, the pixie, the long and curly (to which my lovely cousin told me made me look like a Howard Stern doppelganger after the fact). 

And to make it worse, now there are all of these YouTube tutorials on blowouts, curling, straightening.  Tips on how to make it softer, fuller, longer.  I have yet to find one that actually works the way "they" say it will.  The truth is, I have thick wavy/curly hair.  Yes, wavy/curly.  This is perhaps the hardest hair to work with, because it is neither curly, where I could maybe use a diffuser and embrace the curl, nor wavy, where I could perhaps just let it air dry in the summertime and it would look just gorgeous, like in the magazine.  No, if I do either of these things, it is a frizzy mess of strands that go every which way...very rarely the way that I intended them to go! 

This is my dilemma.  While the shorter layered bob is easier, in that it takes less time to dry and style, the longer layered hair is easier to pull back, or put in those cute braids (which I can't do...must look up clever YouTube tutorial).

And, my last roadblock, and perhaps the hardest one to overcome, is my lack of the P word.  Oh, that dreaded P word.  Patience.  I have none...and, unfortunately, I have passed this dynamic gene onto my oldest son and it drives me crazy.  I have heard that those traits you have in common with your children are those that annoy you the most.  Boy, is that ever spot on! to I wait patiently through the transition stages of letting this hair grow? 

YIKES!  Seriously, I am asking...please tell me.  I need help. 

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