So Many Clothes...So Little Space!

My 6 year old...well, to put it mildly, she oozes SASS!  She knows what she wants, and unfortunately for me, that changes more frequently than I can keep up with.  But, one thing is for sure...she keeps me moving!

My mom and I took her to NYC last December with the big surprise being a trip to American Girl Doll Store.  She was, in a word, overwhelmed.  We walked in and she literally stopped.  Didn't move an inch.  I had to gently guide her to the dolls and everywhere else in the three story building.  Looking back, this trip would have been much better had we done it in June, as opposed to Christmastime in the city.  Lesson learned.  But, she was taken aback by the size and beauty of the city.

We did come home with a doll that day, that she has since named Julie and has spent an awful lot of time at the bottom of the toy bin, unfortunately.  That is, until about a week ago...she has been resurrected and it is now ALL THINGS JULIE!  She needs new clothes, new accessories, etc.  This could not have happened before Christmas?? Of course not.  Well, I have held her off by telling her that Valentines Day and Easter are coming, and perhaps she will get a few clothes for Julie on those holidays.

I am however, working on a cute little spot all for Julie in the girls' bedroom.  Here is the start...

I use this bed for photo shoots, but while I am not using it, Julie can rest comfortably.  I think when the weather gets a bit nicer (-24 degrees with the wind chill yesterday), I am going to give the bed a makeover.

I thought long and hard about how to store her clothes.  Considered a box, but the girl would have them all over the place looking for the perfect outfit.  Then, my lightbulb lit and as a result...a towel bar closet for Julie.

I got the towel bar and little hangers at Amazon and it works perfectly.

The next step are accessories for Julie's stay tuned for that.  Not gonna lie, I love this stuff!  It brings out my inner child.  :)

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