Decorative Pasta

Found these three glass jars at my favorite place, the thrift store.  The two taller ones were $1.50/each, the smaller, $0.75!  Naturally, they were coming home with me.  The tall ones were screaming for long strands of spaghetti, fettuccine, linguini, etc.  Wasn't sure about the smaller one.  I didn't want to break up the trio, because the family looked so happy together.  So, I decided I would let the little one house the macaroni!  :-)

First, I thoroughly cleaned the jars.  Then, I filled them and let them spend some time on my buffet.  I decided they looked too naked, so I borrowed a friend's chalk board paint (which, by the way was nine years old, never does not go bad).  I taped off a small area on each one...the staggering is on purpose, didn't want the tall ones to match up.

I used three coats of the chalk board paint, making sure to wait the appropriate four hours between coats.

When I peeled the tape off, I had some bleeding, but I was able to easily scrape it off the glass with a toothpick and make clean lines.  After waiting another day to make sure it dried fully, I gave them their proper names and I think they make a beautiful family!  :-)


Unknown said...

oh I love this!! They turned out great and I'm so happy the paint worked!

bikim said...

great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so pretty!
happy weekend!

Unknown said...

Great idea, awesome jars. Thanks for linking-